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Spinal Distraction/Decompression

Why Flexion/Distraction Decompression for Disc Injuries?

Dr. Werness trained and was certified by World Renowned INVENTOR  (Cox Flexion/Distraction)  Dr. James Cox and has been helping serious neck and back disorders for over 30 years.
Flexion/Distraction DECOMPRESSES individual targeted discs one at a time and a (Fraction of the cost!).  In contrast, Mechanical  Decompression tables are effective “general area” disc pressure reduction.
Flexion/Distraction Safe and Gently integrates aimed hands-on disc therapy while the patient rests comfortably on a treatment table.
Our treatment is recommended, conservative and a widely regarded decompression rehabilitation process to relieve spinal pain and decrease the pressure of inflamed, injured, and painful discs.
A male chiropractor is adjusting a woman's lower spine. The patient is on a specialized high/low chiropractic table.
Our process reduces intradiscal pressure on spinal nerves, restores normal joint mobility and widens the spinal foraminal canal to address radicular pain on the extremities.
Businessman working sitting at desk feels unhealthy suffers from lower back pain. Damage of intervertebral discs, spinal joints, compression of nerve roots caused by wrong posture and sedentary work.

Depending on how serious your condition, Dr. Werness and his team will layer your treatment plan of Flexion/Distraction Decompression with other conservative physical medicine procedures including:

  • Egosque Posture
  • Balancing Exercises
  • Red Light Therapy
  • Hot/Cold Therapy
  • Percussive Massage
  • Lymphatic Drainage
  • Oxygenation Therapy
  • Ultrasound Treatment
  • Chiropractic Adjustment
  • Manual Decompression

Dr. Werness has performed over 130,000 patient procedures and has an extensive history of working with patients of most musculoskeletal disorders. He specializes in non-operative cervical, lumbar and extremity conditions.

Since many athletes struggle with musculoskeletal pain (and disc issues) incorporating the BENEFITS OF OXYGENATION THERAPY (THE SUPER HUMAN PROTOCOL) WITH POSTURE AND DISC CARE, HAS MADE BIOPEAK HEALTH THE CLINIC THAT  “Does what nobody else does…”
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