Leveraging NATURE’s forces to MAXIMIZE your ENERGY!
BioPeak Health

Super Human Protocol

Unlock your extraordinary potential with BioPeak Health’s Super Human Protocol. Developed in collaboration with DaVinci Medical, this groundbreaking protocol combines advanced technologies to optimize your metabolic function, elevate energy levels, enhance athletic performance, while also promoting overall well-being. 

Earth, Wind and Fire

Unleashing Superhuman Abilities:
Magnetism, Oxygen, and Light.

Each component of the Super Human Protocol synergistically builds upon the others, harnessing your body’s innate potential and healing elements found in nature.

Magnetism serves as the foundation of the Super Human Protocol. By leveraging magnetic technologies, we invigorate cellular vitality. This stage promotes the separation of cells, enhancing oxygen absorption and creating an optimal environment for peak performance

Optimizing oxygen utilization is the next crucial step. Oxygen acts as the fuel that powers your body, supporting overall performance. After the magnetism stage, Exercise With Oxygen Therapy (EWOT) becomes significantly more effective. This stage enhances blood plasma and increases cellular surface space, maximizing oxygen uptake and facilitating optimal energy production. The difference between 21% O2 availability in a normal environment and 93-95% O2 in EWOT is the definition of GAME CHANGER. 

Building upon the foundation of magnetism and the energy from oxygen, light therapy takes center stage. Exposing your body to specific wavelengths enhances cellular function, regulates circadian rhythms, improves mental clarity, and supports overall well-being. The red light/near infrared creates an environment to exponentially produce ATP(the body’s energy unit) born from cellular Kreb’s Cycle activity.  These three stages must be completed in this order and the results WILL propel you towards new heights of performance and vitality.

BioPeak Health and DaVinci Medical

Discover Your Superhuman Potential for Optimal ENERGY

Through our collaboration with DaVinci Medical, BioPeak Health empowers you to unleash your superhuman potential. Explore the transformative benefits:

Elevated Energy and Performance

Embrace the Super Human Protocol to experience elevated energy levels and optimized performance. The synergistic effects of magnetism, oxygen, and light revitalize your cells, fuel your body, and enhance athletic capabilities. Whether you’re an athlete, a professional seeking optimal energy levels, or simply aiming to maximize your potential, the Super Human Protocol will help you reach new heights.

Enhanced Recovery and Well-being

Optimal recovery and well-being are crucial for a fulfilling life.  By optimizing cellular function, improving oxygen utilization, and harnessing the power of light therapy, you can expect to beat personal bests on a REGULAR basis as well as REVERSING your age. This is not guesswork. We recommend everyone in Superhuman Protocol test with PNOE so you can see your actual metabolic age after 3 months. Your fitness level will tell your body’s benefit while the lab results satisfy your confidence, energy, focus, immunity, stamina, and sleep ability.

Enhanced Athletic Performance

The Super Human Protocol isn’t just for elite athletes; it’s for anyone looking to enhance their athletic performance. By optimizing metabolic function, increasing oxygen absorption, and harnessing the power of light, the protocol elevates your physical capabilities and helps you surpass your goals.

Peak Performance at Any Age

Age should never limit your potential. The Super Human Protocol is designed to unlock your superhuman abilities, regardless of age or background. Whether in your 20s or 80s, the protocol optimizes your metabolic function, enhances vitality, and unleashes your full potential.

Discover the power within you with BioPeak Health's Super Human Protocol!

Partnering with DaVinci Medical, we empower you to tap into your superhuman capabilities, optimize metabolic function, elevate energy levels, enhance athletic performance, and promote overall well-being. The path to the extraordinary begins with the Super Human Protocol.

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